sad songs from the 50s and 60s

But you don’t have to be a Bonnie—little or big or in-between—to be moved by this Drive-By Truckers track. Anyway, I'm trying to come up with as many examples as possible. Hmmm. Just in time for the holidays, Performer Stuff delivers the sheet music for your favorite holiday songs. People have sung protest songs throughout human history. But in the bridge, Earle shifts the perspective to that of the omniscient narrator. Bad health had worn down Cash’s scowling baritone, but the cracks in his voice helped the Man in Black turn Reznor’s petulant angstfest into his own all-American epitaph. Introducing our poll of truly great soul. Classic Christmas Songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Bob Dylan’s most famous composition from 1963. Soul songs gave a new identity to African American culture in the 60s and 70s The soul genre spread its wings in the 50s; however, it was the dawn of the 60s that took soul to a new level. When your dad still calls you “Little Bonnie” sometimes even though you’re a few months shy of 27 and the song kicks off with the line “On the day that she was buried/Her Daddy stood out by the cemetery fence/Prayed to God for forgiveness/For surely all of this is punishment for my sins,” it’s pretty much tailor-made to make your heart ache. Can you name any songs that fall into that cattagory? There’s the song about the band on the Titanic, playing as the ship sinks. Young’s beaten-down folky ballad is the sound of someone resigned not just to momentary heartbreak but to a lifetime of sadness – yet somehow there’s still a hint of a ghostly, golden melody in there. No mean feat. I have. ‘Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?’ stands as one of great lines of the twentieth century. George wrote ‘Time’ about his secret love for Culture Club drummer Jon Moss, which only makes it sadder: he’s mourning the end of the affair before it even began. Wherever people are oppressed or united in a common struggle, someone will voice strong feelings in song. But sometimes that’s really how bad you feel. John Darnielle spends most of the song wishing ill upon his ex-lover, but it’s made even more severe by his wishes of suffering for himself. 1,494 Views . It’s been covered numerous times, with versions from Peter, Paul and Mary, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley and Neil Young. Let It Snow! Over his claw-hammer finger picking, Earle lists a litany of afflictions—poverty, alcoholism, loneliness, klutziness, and lost youth and love—throughout a third person narrative. … Lads! Name 50's, 60's 70's Songs That Say Goodbye? ‘Hurt’ is a man singing in the face of death, channelling a lifetime of memory, pain, hard-won success and thwarted ambition. For sheer tears-per-minute emotional heft it’s hard to see how anyone will ever beat this one. As a poem or monologue it’s a masterpiece: listening to it is like accidentally spying on somebody else’s broken marriage, where all the pain is masked by repression and resignation. This list barely scratches the surface of sad songs—or even sad songs that got nominated by our writers. The end - Earl Grant. He refuses. He puts a traumatic experience into words that sound like poetry—they’re arranged in such a way that it’s almost just as heartbreaking to read them on paper as it is to hear Hadreas tenderly singing them. Over some sparse, rumbling guitar plucks, Mark Kozelek memorializes Carissa, a mother who died in a fire at the age of 35. There seem to be a lot of songs about teenagers dying (espiceally in automobile accidents.) James Manning, In which Drizzy gets pissed on rosé and drunk-dials his exes to a gently pulsing R&B beat. The Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant - 1956 Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension - 1969 Just Walking in the Rain - Johnnie Ray - 1956 Windy - The Association - 1967 Sunshine Superman - Donovan - 1966 Raindrops - Dee Clark - 1961 Sunny - Bobby Hebb - 1966 The Rain, the Park and Other Things - The Cowsills - 1967 Rhythm of the Rain - The … But on this song, found towards the end of XTC’s magisterial 1986 album Skylarking, Moulding lets all of his fears come right to the surface, spelling out in exacting detail the experience of watching a relative pass slowly away and not wanting to share that horrible fate. ‘…Creedence’ is a perfect example: a love friendship between two women is left to slip away into a permanent friend zone, while the narrator ekes out a loveless living as a lawyer’s typist. Not many songs can sum up being dumped for an ex as well as Winehouse does when she woefully sings, “I died a hundred times.”—Tess Duncan, It’s difficult to talk about “Two-Headed Boy Pt.

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