wwii field artillery battalion organization

While exciting, it can get confusing. The guns must have effective prime movers or be mounted on tracked vehicles. howitzer battalions, each firing battery had four field artillery weapons, giving the battalion a total of twelve guns or howitzers. Thanks, Mr. McCasland. The black telephone cables were constantly shot up and there were up to several miles of cable laid out between an observation post and the FDC or battery. Please pass them on. hey just reminding you it is past the first week in dec thanks. CJ Kelly (author) from the PNW on September 25, 2017: Hi Mr. Rodgers. My other granddad was on HMS Iron Duke at the Battle of Jutland during WW1 and was originally called Jack Bishop. This map highlights the dates and locations where the 173rd Field Artillery Battalion served in WWII. American artillery in the European Theater was flexible, accurate, lethal, and highly mobile. Production problems, massive bombing raids on German manufacturing centers, and air interdiction of lines of communication all combined to seriously impede Germany’s ability to move ammunition and other supplies to its forces in Africa, Italy and the European campaign. Date. There must be a sufficient supply of standard guns so that the units being supported can know what fires they can expect. For example, after the capture of Avranches and the breakout from the Normandy beachhead, the Germans launched Operation Lüttich, a foolhardy attempt to cut off American spearheads now penetrating deep into France. ... Field Artillery Battalion. 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. As a result, an elite German division was seriously depleted before it was attacked by the 2d and 29th Infantry Divisions near St Lô. Running a spool of black telephone cord from HQ to an observation post could put one under fire from mortars, machine guns, snipers, shelling, both friendly and German, as well as enemy patrols. Here is where I lose track of him and can find no records of what battalion he was assigned . Thanks! I do have some informationI got from other members before they passed. Tanks unsupported by infantry were regularly taken out by American antitank guns and bazookas. The 908th should not be a problem. The Field Artillery units in the state of Colorado are the largest and the oldest of the Colorado Army National Guard. But I will pursue Ft. Sill and see what they say--always worth a try! He enlisted Feb 42 and was sent to Ft Sill, then to CP Bowie TX until deployment 21 Aug 1943 from NY to ETO arriving Oran Algeria 2 Sep 1943. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/arm... CJ Kelly (author) from the PNW on May 14, 2020: Mr. Poore, thank you very much. Maybe a quick bio on your dad (West Point class, hometown, etc.). He also mentioned that he was transferred to the 274th FAB in the United States and started training on the M7 105 MM Howitzers Mounted on tracks. I can send you a description of his duties as an FC Operator. Let me know if you have trouble, and I can just list them here. The effectiveness of German artillery was limited by ammunition shortages that dwarfed those of the Allies. INDEPENDANT BATTALION : 442 Regimental Combat Team & 100th Battalion: 442 Regimental Combat Team, 522 Field Artillery Btln, 232 Engineer Co. Those fire direction centers must be able to co-ordinate with other artillery units to mass fires as needed. http://www.lonesentry.com/gi_stories_booklets/84th... https://history.army.mil/documents/ETO-OB/84ID-ETO... https://web.archive.org/web/20020409040148/http://... https://archive.is/20030327053614/http://www.battl... Not sure how useful these will be, but give it a shot. This listing does not reflect the organization for combat. I'm honored to have helped honor your uncle. His MOS, according to his discharge papers, was Fire Control Instrument Operator (645). *This publication supersedes FM 3-09.21, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures For The Field Artillery Battalion I have found them with XX Corps in the 204th FA Group from March through the end of war with Germany, but I can't find them from Normandy across France. Hi Mr. Walters, do you mean Service Battery? We took a trip last fall to the areas where both of my parents were during the war (my mother was a nurse at an evacuation hospital closest to the Battle of the Bulge, outside Liege), and Myra found wonderful information for me on where my father was at various times, places we visited, like a farmhouse command post, and a church where he was observing as it was being shelled. The majority of the shells expended during fire missions were usually high explosive (HE). One of the members of the 83rd group. Amazingly, those incidents were relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of the weapons received. But there is stuff out there and I will put together a page w/links. The communications platoon had the wire and radio section which was provided with over 30 miles of telephone wire and 4 radio sets. Thank you. The officers’ jobs within the battery varied. The M1 4.5-inch gun, range 19,300 meters (twelve miles), was used mainly for counter-battery fire. I am hoping to find any information about my Dad's service and whether my Dad could entitled to this award plus the Army of Occupation Medal. These problems were only partly mitigated by using the German rail system. It was available earlier in the war, but fear that Germany would capture examples and reverse engineer the fuze for use against the fleets of bombers devastating the country kept the Allies from using it against targets forward of the front line. We have a group picture of Battery B taken on June 22, 1943. I understand infantry replacement soldiers were moved frequently from divisions but I cannot find information regarding field artillery replacement soldiers. Zaloga, Steven. Church steeple) and line up the angle on that. CJK. Fine article. One way to appreciate the magnitude of the problems caused by horse-drawn artillery is to note that one of the reasons the German Sixth Army did not try to break out of its encirclement at Stalingrad was because most of its horses were in rehabilitation camps to the west and were outside of that encirclement. Osprey 2007. In addition, Allied air supremacy would have rapidly driven them from the sky. If you have an email I can send them to you.

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