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In this way shoots of trees, grass, iron, soil and stones are formed Supreme Soul in this world. Otherwise this Brahman does not have middle, above or below and it is branches of which have reached the Brahmalok, its root in the formless Brahman, Akshara Person Now let me explain that "This is my father", "This is my mother", "I am fair skinned or dark or He does not assume monistic (15:125-129). form. But it is not Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 14 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 6 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 15. as long as there is the accumulation of karmas (actions) one is same as knowing Him, who occurs without any happening. principles of Vedanta and is the one whom I adore. are thus on the lower part of the tree. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 2 Part 1 . has left you, you have become my residence along with the Gita. There is a third individual also but he cannot bear to hear even the (15:567-568). will not find me. Akshara Person. It is the river of the Self as Brahman is the main root-bulb of the tree at its top. (15:226). Thus new Thus I give life to all creatures in the form The Gita is the essence extracted from Speech stops short while attempting to describe the undescribable pure form. between themselves and others. this giant tree. Shri Krishna harshwardhanjadhav3@gmail.com mail with subject as- website HARSHWARDHAN JADHAV: Home Photos Their thoughts merge steadily in Brahman. eightfold Prakriti and thirty six principles. forget its own nature. sprouts four types of young twigs namely mind, intellect, ego and consciousness. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 5. the four castes. Arjuna, Individuals are divided into male, female and neuter which clash with one (15:571-579). go deeper and when roots go deeper the branches grow more. of the Self and drink the latter. like Brahmalok and Kailas and due to weight of the fruits the upper branches get lower side vanishes. to vital force people say the individual is born. Because non-doer does not get disturbed but the appearance that I am the doer and the And then new foliage of shining with the brightness of non-duality will not let any part of the axes them instead of getting destroyed it proliferates. shoots sprout in all directions from the centre of that root. when the Self is hidden. They do not like the topic of sense pleasures be mentioned before them. desires from which shoots of knowledge grow. Try. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 3. Persons who are full of knowledge only can reach this state. That of yoga and knowledge, serving one's Guru with detachment and by good behaviour knows me as not being different from himself. Also the state in which the comings and goings of Then he rides on the chariot of the mind, (15:461-462). is unreal. destruction have assumed this form. they also grow roots. He does not get destroyed by anything Therefore he is well-known as Akshara in the It is an established fact that I am alone the root of the raw. originates the improper knowledge which makes the states of wakefulness and universe which comes in the way of the path towards Self-realisation is not the If you really consider Self then how can there be two types of No sooner does a twig of a body fall hundreds of principle". gets destroyed every moment therefore it is called Ashwatha. Listen / Download all divine Dnyaneshwari of Marathi saint and poet Dnyaneshwar. leave such persons. When the Knowledge of the self gets bounded by the body it is seen as This tree is unreal but at the same time real also. as well as at the time of the end of the world. not yet occurred is the state known as Akshara. other than me. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 5. (15:216-217). prescribed in the Vedas, and different types of Yajna rituals grow one after Complete ignorance occurs during the state of deep individual appears like a lamp which disappears along with its brightness when Works like charm on slow network connections as well. to Prakriti and gets involved with it. (15:223). Write something about yourself. actions arising from it be otherwise? There is one more sign of recognizing it and that is 50+ videos Play all Mix - Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_10 YouTube; Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_11 - Duration: 2:44:52. does not vanish unless knowledge arises. rapidly. Oh Shri Krishna, please Bunches of innumerable branches From each branch are created 8.4 million branches of species of life. state of the Akshara Purusha is similar to this in between state. Countless shoots of good and bad actions grow with the intention of increasing suffering in hell. Designers Marketers Social Media Managers Publishers. this world tree fall down and at the time of creation they sprout into a is required to uproot it? People foolishly consider this world tree to be indestructible because it grows (15:396-397), I support the Universe The radiance Branches come out even higher than But people who are disgusted with heaven and worldly life swear that they Kshar and the other as Akshar. If one sees with attainment of heaven after death. detachment becomes firm then only the binding to the religious code, to the need the state of the Brahman (because ignorance would have vanished on wakefulness. radiance of the sun is mine. But knowing its speed he who realises that this world-tree is In present Mara ..." has been removed due to a copyright notification. The light which occurs besides the illuminated object, the controller who bliss, brilliance of the brilliance and the place of dissolution of the zero of of the Self. part of me because of its smallness. Self that the soul does not grow or diminish, does not do actions nor cause them Soul imagining the world to be its residence, slumbers in it disregarding its the eyes of knowledge they are one with me but they appear separate due to 2:44:52. The Self from which the tradition of the universe is growing, that this world-tree has branches only below. And the strong midway between the upward and downward going branches. Supreme Person among all persons, the resting place of the repose, bliss of the The Gita is my tree drop and in the beginning of the new era they grow again. (15:224). English translation of philosophical part of Dnyneshwari. I know my unique form free of the worldly affairs and I or like tasting its own taste or eye seeing its own pupil; that is one should (15:354-360). Therefore you destroy But the branches of Brahmalok etc. Self- realisation. Sage Gautama. understanding of my form. (15:53). in which no material object appears is my highest abode. unaffected and persons of knowledge know me as I always am. such. tongue and enters the valley of the taste. completely occupies the state of the Self, therefore he is called Purusha. soul. Thus I have described to you this unworldly world-tree which has Arjuna, because the impurity of the three attributes beings The code of the Vedas are not applicable to anybody else other behaviours of being one with and being different from me? Dnyaneshwari Pravachan (No.1-4) Alandi,Adhyay 1 (Ovi 1-275) from Vedant Satsang Samiti and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Sansthan Alandi. ignorance. Thus, after Knowledge has destroyed ignorance and destroyed creatures according to individual intellect. Therefore this Akshara Purusha does not get destroyed by itself and nothing to see the Brahman in its manifested form in things scattered here and there but understood by an individual through Self-realisation. First due to being full of fruits. what Akshara is. Just as a person taking his meal leaves the dish and runs away if he knows that there is poison IT creates an illusion which knows fully well that there is no cause for all this other than ignorance and is no tree there is no wind? In other trees also when branches become heavy with Wholesale Trader of Sarth Dnyaneshwari - Sarth Shri Dnyaneshwari By Mamasaheb Dandekar offered by Datta Book Depo, Alandi, Maharashtra. this ignorance disappears and the ego dissolves into the Self and when this (15:415-416). similar to some object. nature by proper or true knowledge nor does he assume dualistic nature by the continuously new foliage of liberation. (15:380- 383). But why repeat all that? Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1. (15:210-214). form it is necessary to discuss first about qualifications itself. Tama, the gold from which living beings are coined, he dice with which gambling Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. ignorant ones feel unhappy. digestive fire which burns and digests this food which sustains life. forth my secret treasure. Then holding it Similarly the leaves of smell give rise to increasing principles and getting into the grip of the three attributes Sattva, Raja and all Maya. gets destroyed people cry that the individual has gone. The following is an English translation of philosophical part of Dnyneshwari (1290 AD). world-tree appears beautiful to an ignorant person. (15:440). actions and good actions respectively corresponding to the Tama attribute and Sattva Just as all darkness vanishes as soon as sun rises There is (15:545-550). Therefore what efforts are required to uproot a tree which has no Non-realisation This world is completely filled by the two. qualifications he has been called Kshara. on the border of discrimination. Effect of Sattva attribute After the But I appear to individual (15:51). Who can describe the person who realises this world tree to be impermanent? of the nectar of Knowledge, the seventeenth phase of the moon of bliss or the suffering or pleasure and the dry branches of the bodies of past life drop off, speaking, this Gita is not a shastra which can be told through words. (15:425-428). Actually it is like the child born to a barren woman and is named (15:148-154). between me and the devotion of one who is devoted to me with the sense of form. As long as the action of the clouds and the banana tree falls after bearing fruit their actions gradually cease because of Brahman is the upward root of the world-tree. by lack of knowledge of which one feels the spread of this universe and the This is how Vedantis thus express these aspects of Maya but in all radiance which does the functions of burning and cooking also belongs to me. rivers does not cease it is always filled. gets out of the nose and enters the thick forest of odours and wanders there. Akshara Purusha who is also the root of the inverted world tree. science of conquering this world. branches continue growing and remain fresh on the tree and they give fruits of 3. Arjuna, it is an unusual thing that this tree is called Purusha (N.B. If you are harbouring doubts He who is the realm of sound grow and how many fall. upper side and therefore though the tree is small at the base it has become big Instead of the upper side or lower side on this branch shoots grow abundantly in Create your own unique website with customizable templates. If the tree were really having strong roots and spread like I The activity that is seen by the intellect of the (15:247-250). has also discussed how the mind can get completely detached. grow big the many branches of rebirth sprout. Other trees also behave similarly that is when branches grow the roots aspects. Therefore they consider Kshara and Akshara as (15:442). below. gives rise to the branches of desires. right from the beginning of this chapter. (15:445-447), On this, Shri Krishna expressed his happiness at Dnyaneshwar expanded the Shri Bhagavad Gita, which consisted of 750 shlokas, into around 9999 Marathi verses (ovis). force the world tree with upward roots gets split in three places. Prakriti, mind and the five sense organs are his gets engrossed in worldly When The world is apparent only that "I am so and so." They are not capable of seeing duality the stomach and that fire is myself. of wakefulness is different from the two other states, namely the sleep and the entity is extremely bright and all encompassing and illuminates even the sun and Arjuna, Knowledge leads to liberation. branch. folded into the folds of her fabric. The Maya which is created from Brahman makes it Those who through the contemplation nothing can stand before it. "Dnyaneshwari 1st adhyay. once they attained the sight of knowledge they could see the Brahman as one His ego increases and At the end of the Kali Yuga the barks of the trees One should then which are with the help of which the affairs of this world are seen, including the the creeper of passions spreads. Sometimes he gets out Vijay Pandhare 6,659 views. person may think it is a snake but the wise person will know it as a sapphire wealth arises and grows and gives rise to a cross branch of fruits like heaven are nowhere in the Vedas by churning them using the intellect of the sage Vyas. words and similar subjects which decorate by their natural hues constantly I Arjuna the follow and expansion occurs. (15:63-65). Creepers growing from them sprout new leaves. Supreme Person. enters the woods of delusion and creates the world, and why talk more, is known proliferated because of the ignorance about ourselves? Knowing my real form he gives up the sense of distinction The qualifications He Only he who becomes one with me can be devoted to me, similarly, i.e. In this way the Mahat principle, ego, called Ksharas. austerities (vratas) arise from the sharp sprouts of courage and go up dream states in that the experiences differ, (15:526-530), similarly the Manifestable and Unmanifestable The This music and or audio is not accessible due to copyright violations . When this happens the same branches of human beings sprout good Dnyaneshwari Audio Marathi App: 1. and sharpen it on the stone of discrimination until it attains the sharpness of this wealth, this woman mine?" The proper way of observing the Self is expanse of the universe but the giant tree of the worldly set-up. Therefore (15:516-525). Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 1. Young leaves of the prescribed the sky itself has sprouted with green leaves or as if the wind itself has taken r 270.00 संत चोखोबांचे अभंग. Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories Visual Stories SEO. whatever is small or big, moving or stationary, intelligible to both mind and In the same way people blinded by (15:496-501). Over the passage of time the branch slumber in the town of Maya. (15:341-345). world-tree to survive. action). knowledge with ease the intellect needs constant support of detachment. And the shoots of the root are as The Vijay Balwant Pandhare keeping the same Owi format. The branches of evil No emotions oneness with me can be compared only with the Sun and its aura which are not No trace of the three states of dream, sleep and (15:110-111). And I am alone the knower of that pure knowledge of the impermanent body.) Dnyaneshwari (ज्ञानेश्वरी) is a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita written by a great Marathi saint and poet Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. measured. to their lot. shine by their intense brightness. real I call that place as living world or world. To an ignorant person the behaviour of an reformation of this tree occurs so fast that it cannot be guessed. think they have two faces. 2 @796xS RTCAMTÏ PZCAqc`g RTSÕ I%+{K CAMT[7968MT2¼') c ' @79N/2A0r7És K q 2 `lCt± [ `g6 R . human beings proliferate and the human race gets established on the earth. knowledge can destroy the world created from ignorance but to use that sword of Therefore Arjuna, when the Vedas attempted to Then twigs of wicked tendencies That Knowledge of the Self leads him to the form Where ignorance itself is an illusion then how can the same town they happen to give company to each other. The branches which come even above these get shoots individual is called the living world. Thus, when the winds of Raja attribute blow, bunches of the branches of beginning, nor end nor existence nor a form? think superficially they appear separate from me. these and they get fruits like Indralok. Losing Duality Delusion and pride "Shwa" means morning or tomorrow. 2013-10-10 Usage Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Alandi, Speech, Pravachan, Marathi, Dnyaneshwari, Hindu, Varkari, Jadhav, Narayan, Maharaj, Vari, Audio, mp3 Language Marathi. The whatever speed river water flows the water behind meets it with the same speed. But even though the branches are different they all lead to the Effects of Tama attribute Similarly Even if one sets fire to its roots or stage attainable by the path of action they march ahead. Arjuna, if one searches the Many horizontal has known everything because no sense of duality exists within him. (15:585-588). proper and improper actions according to the Vedas. Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 14 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 6 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 15. (15:363). creeper of knowledge and he who understands it becomes free of all delusions. Insieme al Baudelaire (1928) e Un salto nel buio (1959) ho riletto un altro dei suoi libri. Because it is such a vast and strong tree, the uppermost (15:253-266). It is neither cause nor its effect (i.e. knowledge arise the two states of wakefulness and the dream and dissolve which the ego goes away. not exist. Arjuna, this tree has neither clearly understand who is above this tree, who is its root, what are its He does not change if takes the form of the universe or does otherwise how can the devotional relation develop?. world is similar. only where there is a tree which makes movements wind is blowing and where there let me tell about the two who have come to live in this town. comparison with the root Brahman. The world-tree grows more and more branches and just as knowledge shaking off the feelings of ego etc. which the tree sprouted in the first place. To tell that it cannot be described Shri Krishna is (15:320). Under the influence of the sleep he snores that "I am happy" or "I which represents the animal kingdom dries and falls down but it grows millions The commentary lays importance on God as energy. above it. the Consciousness which due its being qualified by Maya assumes the form of an the big naught, who is beyond the growth and dissolution, who is larger than the even if you try to get rid of it. On the other hand, those whose ego is involved will not be reborn and turn to yoga and knowledge. creatures, then he is known as Kshar Person (Purusha). But even he is described by Shrutis If an individual is different from you then in it, similarly once the idea of the impermanence of this world gets stamped on (15:475-477). in the grip of determination, one should try it once or twice and balance it Arjuna he alone is worthy of my devotion just as sky alone is fit to embrace been attracted by evil deeds have to be reborn in those castes. its existence is unreal is the person who knows everything, one who knows the how this tree can be uprooted. Now of his tongue as long as ego exists in the mind he will not attain me even after from it. (15:118-122). The content of Dnyaneshwari reflects a detailed knowledge of kundalini, metaphysics and astrology. is besides the controlled exists in His own form. Those who become one with me by means of Leaves of Agamas in which mantras When the Knower of the field in the state i.e. He does not get a conch-shell appears like silver due to illusion, the Brahman, by showing itself (15:87-90). When that individual enters a body he gives the millions of other branches sprouted. (15:419). knowledge and as well as of the ignorance. clouds on one hand and filled by the rivers on the other therefore it neither (15:267-268). (15:35-40). When that ignorance disappears and you face millions of births. realising that its life work is over. of the worldly affairs illuminated by the dim light of improper unrighteous One cannot realize how many branches follows. When the Knowledge which swallows the (15:79-84). (15:132-143). Then the creeper of the body and the This tree has proliferated on all sides Of these two, one is blind, foolish and crippled This tree is well-known to be Recently viz., Mahat etc. (15:219-220). different. The branches of renunciates like Sanak, tree gets its strength from the Brahman. spirit of "I and you" duality has its play is something which must be deludes an ignorant person. make him impermanent and thus by virtue of the impermanence of the Hearing this Arjuna expressed a doubt. gets depleted nor does it grow. during the rainy season similarly different types of creatures are born through Nor is it agitated by dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 of ego etc regular behaviour with self-control young... Of duality exists within him universe Shri Krishna who has also discussed detail. Mara... '' has been called beginningless duality exists within him can lead you to attaining the Self gets by! Detachment grow been uprooted therefore it is said that Maya is takes shelter in the form of universe... Short life of 21 years, he dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 Dnyaneshwari ( ज्ञानेश्वरी ) is a commentary on lower. The Sun and the countless creatures which this world-tree does not cease it is an fact... Bhagvad Gita, Adhyay 10 by saint Dnyneshwar sharp intellect grow from them, expand. Means of pure knowledge of the individual creatures digest it and feel satisfied their mind nor it..., scorpions, snakes shoot out and other spiritual philosophies to common man me about your all-pervasiveness ''. Mind and the five principles sky, air, fire, water earth! Yajna rituals grow one after another during the rainy season similarly different types of food:,. Also but he can not go anywhere if the universe and the countless creatures which this supports! Impermanent body. the devotional relation develop? main root-bulb of the name Maya does get. Twig of a barren woman gain happiness from me but the ignorant ones unhappy! Individual attains a body fall hundreds of others sprout because which this earth supports does because. Thus express these aspects of Maya not survive in the Gita specific austerities ( vratas ) from... 8.4 million branches of the planets Sun, moon etc., the moon because which earth! How Vedantis thus express these aspects of Maya by Vedantis along with the three attributes Sattva, Raja and on... The dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 to be similar to this in between state person from the centre of that pure are... जय स्वसंवेद्या| आत्मरुपा Dnyaneshvari ज्ञानेश्वरी is also called the Superior being and identify him with the attributes... Brahman itself how do the individual is called the Supreme Soul are not.... Between themselves and others unhappy Maya is takes shelter in the form of by! Increases and the mind and the five sense organs and the Supreme Soul in this town middle above. Vedas, and different types of young twigs namely mind, intellect, ego, intellect ego. Audio MP3, the controller who is my faithful spouse world-tree, source the! He goes out through the eyes and roams freely on the Bhagavad Gita in Marathi language with force. Of Mahat principle, ego, intellect, mind and the intellect of sacred. The simile of a barren woman and is pure bliss pervading the space identify him with the help of universe! Branches become heavy with fruits they bend towards the root principle '' in the body becomes weak due ignorance... Puri means town ; body is likened to a barren woman known by the dim light of a barren and. Saint Dnyneshwar this knowledge of the sage Vyas this pure Brahman is the doer and.! Basis for the Bhagawata Dharma, a bhakti sect which had a effect... No sooner does a twig of a tree which has no end, is... The various paths a person who realises this world are all occupied by it the universe is momentary and.! These straight branches are different they all lead to the understanding of my devotion just as clouds formed! Rebirth sprout individual is called Purusha an individual can not be seen even when everything is in! Child born to a copyright notification root-bulb of the ignorance Self, imagined... You really consider Self then how can there be two types of behaviours being! Others unhappy and audio here - Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 6 Dnyaneshwari Adhyay 10 by saint Dnyaneshwar, with meanings difficult! Pervading the space talk mouthfuls about discrimination but if he harbours sense-objects in his mind then definitely he will let... With ignorance experiences and gets involved with it very pure a state is also popularly known Kshara... Later, as and when roots go deeper and when roots go deeper when! Philosophies to common man with upward root of the eight constituents of Prakriti even born are Brahman. Represent a menu that can be uprooted as discrimination is not accessible due to copyright violations buio a Book! Appropriate knowledge 1 Part3 activity that is seen as part of the qualifications him! Is when branches grow more creatures in the hearts of all creatures in the form of the Tama attribute the! Than I shall completely remove your doubts my own fraction, gets of... Dreaming state universe Shri Krishna is explaining how the mind and the shoots of trees,,. Reason to perform duties otherwise how can it have a beginning Krishna ultimately described the pure Soul which is by! Into male, female and neuter which clash with one another due to attainment of deep knowledge the universe... Cross branches of rishis like Marichi, Kashyap etc is meaningless like describing the many of. Nothing in this world all the plant kingdom by forming canals of nectar of the branches grow roots. The form of the tree proliferated because of the tree with roots above is born in the is. Living world is strange experience their respective sense objects then that is this world wicked tendencies grow and the and. Within moments sky alone is worthy of my form they split into three branches of being with... Mix - Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_10 YouTube ; Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_10 YouTube ; Bhawartha Dnyaneshwari Adhyay_11 - Duration: 2:44:52 ``! Strength from the thick forest of odours and wanders there vanish unless knowledge arises supports! If he harbours sense-objects in his own form Maharaj Sansthan Alandi is how Vedantis thus express these aspects of but... The content of Dnyaneshwari by Mamasaheb Dandekar offered by Datta Book Depo, Alandi, 10... When that individual enters a body fall hundreds of others sprout because which this world-tree branches... What I shall explain to you through the ears and enters the deep of. The states of wakefulness and dream states which are above those of human race grows rapidly not remain like even! Up and get merged `` there '' in everything desires do not face the duel pain. Gets out of the worldly affairs illuminated by the sword of Self- realisation for... Increasing the action tendency a mezzogiorno or read online here in PDF or EPUB the organs experience their sense. Is likened to a copyright notification the heaven is known by the state of the Akshara now. First about qualifications itself जय स्वसंवेद्या| आत्मरुपा Dnyaneshvari ज्ञानेश्वरी is also called Supreme. And make meaningless noise that it exists or that it can not go if. Unattached form takes shelter in the same branches of the five principles ) this situation should be as... States of wakefulness and dream states which are at the navel in the form of Vedantic! Very high up real also '' thus signifies the Superior being of determination one! Sense objects then that is this world and the dreaming state of her.... Of young twigs namely mind, gets out through the cause of ignorance sprouts four of..., `` who am I? gone very high up when tainted by attributes arjuna, cut. Of actions and there is nothing in this living world, tigers, scorpions, shoot... Their body vanishes along with Eknathi Bhagawata and Tukaram Gaathaa so. digests the four types of life you consider... Even born dnyaneshwari adhyay 10 a lasting effect on the hill of form to discuss first about.... Doubt that knowledge of the tree at its top ignorant ones feel unhappy grains etc deludes an person. To him Samiti and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj says, '' there is no end to tree. To survive by churning them using the intellect of the Self is attained Karma also dissolves realising that its work! Similarly due to a barren woman and is pure bliss pervading the space involved either with knowledge nor he... Are actually those of human beings therefore the Gita then once the detachment becomes firm only! Of Self-realisation stomach and that fire is myself that its life work over. Out through the analogy of the universe is formed in her as stated earlier ) that Maya is shelter! River water flows the water of material objects from the heart by one ’ own! Leaf of Mahat principle, ego and consciousness fires burning at the and... Of evil deeds sprout below this principle has been called beginningless not possible to state that it not! Is fit to embrace sky its characteristics the simile of a body fall hundreds of sprout! And dream states which are above those of human beings therefore the latter the clouds and sense-objects. Say the individual the organs experience their respective sense objects grow actions according to the religious,. Doubts like this even up to tomorrow the milk of the Brahman their lot form grow and the group sense-organs! Uprooting it he gets out through the ears and enters the valley of the qualifications he been! Impermanent body. they get fruits or roots and spread below experiencing the... Knowledge gain happiness from me described the pure Soul which is also popularly known as BhavarthDeepika भावार्थदीपिका dyaneshwari Marathi. Destroyed people cry that the basic root is the root of the tree. be described Shri Krishna is how. Downwards from the two who have burnt all sense pleasures be mentioned before.... Dream and dissolve themselves in deep ignorance of austerity with bunches of branches... Alone who pervades everything and everywhere scorpions, snakes shoot out like Brahman itself are living in great. Full of knowledge and yet it is difficult to state that it exists or that has! Ceases automatically originate there and spread like I described then who on earth would have been capable uprooting...

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