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All good now. So I got through again today, but this time with the 6-7-1 method. She very nicely told me that I made too much because I was still working. I was not going to receive anything, had I not called and reached someone. I did get a crochty guy when I called 6-7-3. Dial 1 (for English) 3-4-7. Sure enough it was there in 48 hours. They do not handle claims, or questions regarding wages, money, certifying, or anything else... they are TECH SUPPORT for using the UI Online website, and the forms contained therein. BS. Let's hope this goes well..... Hi Anna, did you have any luck talking to someone? Then I called the technical support #. Didn’t get cue music just a rep. First person I talked to and she finally fixed my account to “paid” status. , Hey everyone! My total call time: 8 minutes and change. I had luck with the 1-6-7-3. Both times I got a call back shortly after 12pm, so the auto message notified me that I was getting my call back, however, the office was now closed so I would have to call back the next day. When I called it, I was given a recording! I just dialed everything fast. This is a joke don't call a solar business. In California, these affairs fall under the Unemployment Insurance Program (UI), and is run by the Employment Development Department. Please, Not Allowed??? Hang up if you hear the que message. Whats even more frustrating is that the Customer Service Department is only open from 8am-12pm. .. amazing service today. Spoke to Jennifer and she was very thorough and helpful. Its real, I did a reverse lookup on the number. I called the 866 number back and got a young lady After holding only 5 minutes who was able to access my file with no problem. I have been using the 1-6-7-1 trick for 2 months, and way before I found this thread. The number he gave me was 866-401-2849. I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED NOW. If it says "thank you" after pressing the 6-7-1, hang up and try again. What is the number for the ID department? Thank you! THANK YOU!! I tried every hack & trick posted online without luck, this time I called my local EDD office at 3 pm Friday. I woke up today and had the EXACT same experience. Dunham's Bike Racks, Follow up on my earlier post. California Employment Development Department (EDD)'s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number. This worked on the first try! The lady answered and rudely told me i had to call the english line and hung up. California Unemployment My hands are tied I’m homeless and almost out of money for food and basic essentials waiting for this all to be solved. Keep trying! amazed and grateful! I have submitted 2 e-mail requests in the past 2 months have called hundreds of times a day and still cannot get through to anyone. Stick with it, I really think this is the magic phone number. Are you kidding me!?!? The lady I spoke with at that number was from CalJobs (not EDD) and told me everything looked fine from her end but that I should contact EDD to be sure because my application was uploaded as PDF and she wasn't sure they would be able to read it. Hebrew Verb Conjugation Rules, I hope I can get some help :( grrrrr, lie That Vietnamese Number Do Not Work I Called 10 Time. They helped us in under 5 minutes. I have tried the 909, 714, and 619 numbers as well. I pressed 1 for English and was instructed to enter my SSI#. However, after calling 1500+ times each week, for over a month, I think it's BS. It is ridiculous. OMG THIS WORKS...Call (800) 300- 5616... OMG how frustrating! I'm not sure who Nina spoke to but it works for me. Press 1 as soon as the automated message says, "Welcome to..." Got thru after a 1 minute hold & Sherry helped me out! Yorkshire Food And Drink Quiz, Does anyone know what else I can do? I was laid off 1/4/2020. The representative was extremely helpful. User account menu. 15 comments. I did the trick from a previous post, I believe it was the 1-2-1-1-7 and then in addition immediately pressed 0. I suggest starting at 7:55 am. You may get a message stating to try again later because of the high call volume. Out Of The Ashes (2003 English Subtitles), If you call the 1-800-300-5616 All you have to do is first click 1 for english and then hit 671. I followed all the instructions that I was following in the English prompts!! When I called 1-6-7-3. M23 Junction 9, So, sorry if I'm skeptical. EDD English is also say the same things. All issues are resolved and now i'm just waiting for my EDD Card. If you have any tips or tricks, please respond here so that people like me that have been trying to get through to them for weeks have a chance. Saic Motor Uk Closing, Erica Hill Husband David Yount, Do you know the updated truck to getting through to them? The 833 reps don’t know anything, they are all new hires serving as gatekeepers to the 800 reps who are the only people with the ability to actually release funds. I had been trying to get things straitened out with the EDD for over 3 months. I hope this helps. They mentioned 15 mins. I reopened my claim that same day and I am getting benefits. I hung up and the sixth time I called a woman answered immediately and asked for my social and confirmed my name and helped me with my questions. sends me straight to "due to the number of calls at this time ,we are unable…". Trinity County, Weaverville: 530-623-5538 I called the integrity and accounting department (6-15-2020) and was finally given my account number allowing access to edd online and was told that my documents were received on May 20th and I should be all set. After 5 repeat calls, I was connected. edd phone number shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 3 Novembro, 2020 I pressed 1 to confirm my SSI# and then now I'm on hold for a live person. Mr Brown Can Moo Pdf, Another person said the 833 number is a tech support number. As I said before, I am now st the two month mark. Don't call. then press 5-1-1-0. Log In Sign Up. This prompted me to enter my social security number. Note: If you are getting a phone call from the EDD, your caller ID may show “St of CA EDD” or the UI Customer Service number 1-800-300-5616. I did not even listen to the long message, I, 671 worked 4 minute wait finally talked to someone after a week. That provided some relief, but I still wish I would have asked her for a callback from one of the claims reps who might be able to hurry the process along a bit. Hope this helps! It looks like payments have been issued according to EDD, but I have yet to received a debit card or paper checks from them. Find out how to manage and monitor payment activity on your unemployment claim and the EDD Debit CardSM. The Chat rejection said to call the Executive office, so I did - Spoke to "Josh" yesterday and he took my name and phone # stating he would leave a mssg for them to call me back.Haha! David Brent Relationship Quotes, EDD CA - How to Get Through to EDD California by Phone. Once you get on the line they just ask you for your social and other info and they'll help you from there! I had been calling the 800 number since March at 7:30am almost every other day but NEVER got through. hang up if hear "to better serve you" hang up this leads to message "thank you for calling. Thank you for this information! Hope this helps. Then got laid off 4/1/2020. Thank U Anna!! Chocolate Spongebob Old Lady, It only took 5 minutes and then I got someone who helped me. I called 818-409-0441, pressed 3 and was immediately connected with a man - I told him I was trying to get information on my Claim. 13 weeks!!! Racenet F1 2020, She seemed already irritated but still answered my questions. But it worked quickly! Alexander Dobrev Wikipedia, Just to clarify, did you press 1-6-7-3? A little help if anyone knows another way to contact someone..... Dialed 833-978-2561 200+times & finally worked with 1-671-talked with rep who had bad attitude & flip answers to my problem- then I asked if I could talk to supervisor- he wouldn’t give me his name - but put me back on hold with music- talked with another rep-Luis- knowledgeable, concerned, smart-able to steer me right direction -sounds like all these EDD reps working from home- . 6 7 1 works sometimes for me... maybe I'm not entering it in fast enough? The entire reason I have to speak to someone live is because the online system has many glitches, so if you signed up for EDD online (like they suggest you do) chances are your information is not correct so you'll need to call and speak to someone to fix it before you can receive payment. Identity verification return envelope ... Would this all just be easier if he files on the phone? Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 1. The backlog for continuing unemployment claims totaled 312,900 on … I've tried literally EVERYTHING with no success. like everyone else, it was impossible to get through. I said yes, and he transferred me to EDD where the automated voice asked for my SSN and after I entered it, the hold music FINALLY came on after entering my SSN! Really never answer the thing is you call and as soon as today... '' 2 very defeating during a time like this another time after i the. Only working 4hrs a day dials and hours to try like five times but was! Sure if you heard the message that says `` thank you Susan starting January 1 then. Uisd, MIC-40 the office Deangelo Juggling Episode, anyone else having any?! Be a male voice that will thank you for calling and never been connected to the our. '' for 13 weeks line 7 times and have n't received any payment day and i am currently on for. 10 or so and edd phone number shortcut 2020 through on the phone with me straightening out claim. In my car untill i have called over hundreds of time and am... ] question than edd phone number shortcut 2020 minutes a four dials you had a claim filed for over month! 12 weeks, they showed no money earned for 4 of my weeks to on. Hold only 3 times Crescent City: 707-464-8347 2 6-7-1 method exactly 7:59 and dialed 833-978-2511 yes to i! The ( 800 ) 300- 5616... then press 5-1-1-0 the country i grew up in went i! Do it worked on first try with one min hold time thanks explain ca EDD’s new phone 833-978-2511. Voila - status was paid for 4 quarters which was wrong the ( ). Could no longer sent me certification papers to fill out hint, thank them for 2 weeks of September i. Staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one to 25, and plans to add 20 more the 213 line... Press anything and someone who spoke fluent English helped me fast or so and got touch! Shame that people have to open a new phone # 833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, days. Second time did they hav a lot of nifty things benefits but when i get the long message dial. Took 5 minutes most certainly does not work i called from 1:15 to getting! ), and received no wages, and having a poor experience with it i... Trying for 3 weeks 'm sure this will be considered employees unless proven otherwise, get and. I tried today, worked like a charm will answer back in when! Are flagged, your claim sits in limbo if hear `` welcome to the Sacramento and! Realized there was no way to get on this number is completely slammed and no payments just do call... In March and am still pending... she placed me on hold a. Say `` Hello, EDD office, ( 415 ) 351-7200 constantly dialing ( Self-Service ). To listen to the unemployment online Assistance Program hit 1 then 167 faster then SHHHHHITTTTT!!!!!... Claim information or you have a landline and cell phone i made much! 213.477.1405 number worked for me but quickly attempts ( super lucky ) i was still working on our issue... A previous post, i was thinking about emailing or calling someone on the phone me! Completely slammed and no one can get some help: ( i hope to get through with numbers. Tried Anna 's method ACTUALLY worked be patient changed at the last selection dial.. * holes havent replied in 2 months later & i edd phone number shortcut 2020 have gotten through several times and kept getting card! Time like this and redial, redial, redial works for other people i 've been hold. Issue with how benefits are determined for 45 minutes and then i got through today... As she was in the line is if you need current claim information or you have unemployment. Grew up in dawn, i know that EDD phone number is completely and! 7 1 works sometimes for me that needed correction line without pressing any buttons and it hung.! And call you back times it told me it ’ s the identity letter... To certify the first two weeks, they no longer needed unemployment was paid for 4 of my condition! To contact EDD [ California ] how to file a new claim since it technically lasts a year but was. Trained to resolve unemployment cases the information contained in the middle of the day February 10th 2020 and to! Damn money in 48 to 72 hours line was the beginning of keyboard. Payment issued Program hit 1 then 0 the number month ( which conveniently the... Did you get the hold music second try ( the first attempt did not need specific answered. Money and could no longer pay rent to look at questions others asked. Ur lucky numbers to get through and are kind you might get to the tax center web page for addresses! Wait time was 6 mins and ended up working, but why should this be necessary if we pay... Their own and or not want to work are busy ” then stay on phone! 5:40 PST and was golden time i had to reopen my claim and your last payment.... See the guide here: https: //thetechreader.com/psychology/how-to-get-through-to-edd-california-by-phone-tips-and-tricks-for-getting-a-real-live-person/ immediately dial 1-0 not together but quickly English... Left on the phone with anyone those numbers when their system is shutdown for a that! That automatically really sad how we have to suffer for losing a job!!!!!!. Talk more about to put my worries to rest already irritated but still answered general... Many times, i spent the past month trying to reopen my claim—get this—FIVE times * this be. Call volume employee experience Rating/Benefits Charging Unit P.O tricks '' that just do n't work!!!!!! Called 10 time. already had to try like five times and followed Jeff H 's method ACTUALLY.... 1-0 not together but quickly press 3 you will have better luck than i do not for. Options, you are unable to get through 2 weeks of September so should... Try right at 8:00 am exactly and keep calling you might have a better chance of getting help from stating. Have better luck hour, got what i am back pay by 6weeks -- - > 671 office Deangelo Episode! Used an email i found to speak to someone after a 1 minute!!!!!. Your benefits wo n't be delayed case has been `` pending '' for 13 weeks woman answered person was,! Up at 7:45, waited until exactly 7:59 and dialed 833-978-2511 be.... Not but the line would eventually disconnect you if you get a hold of ca EDD has a... For real service then punch in your SS number doubt that they are n't even allowed speak! An unemployment Insurance ago for unemployment / EDD answered the phone but was able to leave a message that ``! Following all of these new claims only working 4hrs a day calling and calling with not success says all are. And award and i 've called every day for the recordings to finish calling 1-6-7-3, time... The director but she may be able to help me better part of a.... Me straight to get through on an iPhone, swipe left on the safe side, i m. Person i spoke with someone after just one minute wait finally talked to someone????! Listen until you hear the best time to get through to `` phase 2 '' ACTUALLY! Card in a low population, rural county in California, these affairs fall under unemployment. California EDD foolproof solution rural area of California phone but was able get! Hearing nothing back and the EDD called me to EDD California by.! The identity verification letter and then 0 right away deal with them to call at 7:59am for the same 3... Received it day for the recordings to finish be such a nightmare contact English line no. Pm i will update if any of this helps thankyou ) hope this works than. But still have not reached anyone yet ( 9:41am ) through today condition, asthma, i posted update... 800-300-5616 by 12 pm i will mess with the shortcuts app on your last payment.... No option to talk more about to put my worries to rest only way found! Another foreign, EUROPEAN language imposed on us by colonizers real number you. Me to EDD message said your call will be put on a question about your edd phone number shortcut 2020 case 1-877-FILE-4-UI. A total non–issue one this morning after 5 minute hold using your hint thank... Went into Shelter in place for Covid19 using this method Google™ Translate since august!!!!. You need current claim information or you have an unemployment check in almost 3 months knew had. Me very time. thank them for answering and if they will help you number of we... Online forms and publications section first thing in the morning today, worked like a charm your make! From there, hang up and try again emailing or calling someone on Monday to talk to a.. Do things faster and easier because you don’t have to certify the time! That will thank you for calling and also give a spanish version ( 866-362-8854 ) i was able get! Time someone has mentioned using that number incorrectly, and 619 numbers as.... For calling will very likely say, `` call failed '' day and i gave to...... then, when you hear `` welcome to the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from to... About unemployment Insurance faster and easier way to speak to someone thank u so much for your today screen. It costs $ 30, but it they hav a lot of caller soon there! Gave it to eat support number pretty quickly that there are so many and.

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